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Tip Credit is a federal law that allows employers to take a 'credit' against the minimum wage, and pay lower wages to employees who earn tips.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:00 am
WOW thanks for getting this before I did Elric. You said it a little softer than I would have especially since I started this thread 4 years ago.

I guess RAI9615 would also expect a split of the tip on a $400 order IF that tip was say only $5. YES I did write correctly $5. NOT $50 not $20 NOT $10 but $5.

Been there done that enough times when I did lunch shifts where we got big orders to some corp. place

Been on the other side of that where I have received excellent tips.

BUT when we knew ahead of time (like all good customers should do) the opening cooks/drivers would come in early and TOGETHER make these orders.

One time I had a series of 4 large order deliveries going to the same place ALL TIMED OUT for every 45 minutes during lunch time at a bank facility (non-public phone support building). I came in and MADE ALL FOUR ORDERS myself AND delivered every single delivery ON TIME. YES I CAN make pizzas too if needed.

Does RAI9615 ALSO advocate stealing tips from servers too????? By their logic the cooks make the food and do all the work and all the servers do is deliver it to the table and nothing else.

AND I also guess that RAI9615 does not think the IRS will mind all that much if the driver has to CLAIM less tips because he was required to share tips. Also I am sure the IRS and the DOL would be very interested in this required illegal tip sharing scheme.

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