Businesses can't collect tips to share among workers

Tip Credit is a federal law that allows employers to take a 'credit' against the minimum wage, and pay lower wages to employees who earn tips.

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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 5:25 am
thejax wrote:People with a selfish "Employee" state of mind will never understand what owners and upper management go through to make the big picture happen.

I think I realized what happened here. Because I am not a delivery driver, right now, you are incredibly rude and arrogant towards me. You enjoy making me feel unwelcome. It doesn't matter that I was a delivery driver for many years, or developed delivery systems for restaurants, or that I always fight for the delivery drivers where ever I work. The only thing that matters to you is that I am not a delivery driver now, so no matter how many years of experience I have under my belt in many aspects of restaurant delivery (not just being a driver), you will never accept me. So where is the problem? Is the problem me because I elected to be here or is the problem you because you are very disrespectful and ignorant?

The last store I worked in, all the delivery drivers got together and threw me a surprise going away party (completely unexpected) because of how I changed things and helped them. They were very appreciative for what I have done for them and the store. I don't know you but you don't know me either.

At the end of the day, years after this conversation has been long forgotten, I will still be working in the restaurant industry trying to make conditions better for delivery drivers and busting my ass doing it. Nothing has ever been handed to me. I have made what I am from long hard work and sacrifices to prove to the most stubborn people I have the skills to make things happen. Meanwhile, years after this conversation, you will still be, just a delivery driver. Let that sink in.

So while you sit here and read my post with your egotistical attitude, remember that what you say doesn't phase me. It doesn't make me angry and it doesn't ruin my day. I go to bed every night knowing I have saved REAL JOBS that an owner would of cut if it wasn't for me. I have helped drivers be better at their jobs by teaching them skills. I have raised wages for drivers. What have you ever accomplished for a large team? Have you ever made a difference? Are you well liked where you work? Do people you haven't worked with in 10 years track you down and send you Christmas cards?

Paint a jackass on my back and label me an a$$hole but the only one acting like that is you.

Thanks and bless~

I'll let tompace's response suffice. I may have said things a bit differently, but tompace has replied in the same vein as I would. No need to add to more kindling to the wood pile.

The only person making you look bad, thejax, is thejax. Just as the only person that can make me look bad is elric92.
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