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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:35 pm
gamechanger427 wrote:Hi all, just discovered this forum yesterday. I wish I would've found it sooner because it looks like most of the posts are from years back and has since died down, but I'll give it a shot anyways.
First I'll tell you a little about myself.
* I've been delivering for almost 15 years
* Worked at all three of the Big3 pizza places and also Jimmy John's
* Worked at three locally owned places
* Have currently worked at the same locally owned place full time for 5+ years
* I drive a 2 door hatchback that gets 29mpg city 36 highway
* I live in Illinois about an hour from Chicago

In my early days, I would work a day job and work rush shifts at night. For the past 9 years I've been delivering full time. I find in my area you make way better money if you work a closing shift opposed to rush so I close almost every night I work.
In my opinion based on experience, locally owned places are better to work for several reasons. The owners know you personally and treat you more like a person than an expendable body. Also the turnover rate is much lower. It feels more like a family, which can be a bad thing sometimes :lol: but usually good. The starting hourly rate is nearly the same, but can get raises the longer you've been there. On the downside though, you will never get any paid time off which I know the big3 provides paid vacations after a year. Any time you take off is unpaid.

Hey there, welcome to the forum. Glad you found us and we're still around, at least those of us that don't Facebook (yes there's a Facebook page for this site also)

Glad to see that people are finding this place and are still interested in commenting.

gamechanger427 wrote: But the number one reason locally owned is better is because you get to keep the whole delivery fee plus whatever you get for a tip.

While you might have had this experience working for independently owned local shops the fact that this is your experience has nothing to do with whether or not you will keep the entire delivery fee. There are many factors that business owners take into consideration in regards to delivery fees.

Most delivery drivers think they receive the delivery fee, or some portion of it, when in fact they do not; it only seems like they receive it, or a portion of it.

gamechanger427 wrote: We also deliver much farther than the big3 but the far ones are $5 delivery fee and most of those people will tip you well on top of that because they're grateful someone will actually deliver there. Those fees add up though. If you take 15 deliveries in a night you'll make more than you would at a big3 on 25 deliveries.

Yes, I can see how that would work if the driver were to keep the delivery fee. Just curious though, how far out will you go and what is your average miles per delivery and average mileage reimbursement? I assume that you probably receive nothing for mileage reimbursement and that keeping the delivery fee is expected to cover that reimbursement. I wonder if you're making as much as you think you do.

gamechanger427 wrote: I'm not bashing anyone who works for a big3 place by any means. Just sharing my personal experience and why it works better for me. I wish all of you the best at your places of employment and to get the best tips possible. I hope I start seeing more people joining and posting soon. Whoever started this site, I think this was a great idea to put this page together where everyone can share their experiences and get good answers on questions they may have. I really wish I would've found this site sooner.

It's all about personal experiences. I really liked the money I made working for Papa Johns at the store I worked at. I made enough to save to purchase a condo in the city I worked in.

Again, glad to read your story and hope to hear more.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:03 am
It feels like its coming Been close to 32 degrees at night for the last 5 days. Lets see who gets the first PHOTO of snow up?

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