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PostPosted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:57 am
You think if somebody wanted to infect your computer, they won't be able to fool you with posting exactly how you want them to?! If any of you are that concerned, you probably shouldn't be on a computer at all, and you shouldn't be clicking any links whether somebody quoted something or not.

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elric92 wrote:I honestly do not understand how you are able to afford to deliver in a Dodge Ram 2500, at most you're getting what... 16 MPG? Diesel is costing upwards of something like $380 a gallon isn't it? How much do you get in mileage compensation? I doubt enough to cover fuel, let alone all the other expenses to operating your vehicle... but I could be wrong.

18 city 23-24 on the hwy, our delivery area is a lot of highway, long stretches of road with minimal traffic lights, so holding 20 MPG is not hard.

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I use remote start to warm up the engine and that's it. The closer the engine is to nominal operating temperature the more efficiently it'll run. Plus in order for the trans fluid to do it's job properly it needs to be warmed up before you haul ass in your vehicle. Overheat your tranny fluid just once and you effectively shorten the life of transmission by half unless you do a drain and fill pronto.

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