Can you refuse an order?

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Racket_Man wrote:
gregster wrote: One of the most memorable lessons I learned in the Navy was: "Safety rules are written in blood." Many people don't understand what that really means. It means that if someone bothered to write down a safety rule, it was probably because someone literally lost blood due to that rule not being in force.

Ya know this is the one thing I can agree with most heartily. And I do NOT want it to be my blood either.

And this is one of the rules I stress most often when I train a newbie driver. Always be aware of your surroundings (I believe the military calls it situiational awareness), look for things that are not right, not literally but close enough: beware of shadows (not the Babalyon 5 kind either), etc.

I posted this story on another message board I frequent

Stupid Part

The last order of the night was a carryout. at this time of night our dining room is closed so the customer has to go through our Drive-up window. MOD gets the cash for the order and cashes it out. She also notices open beer cans on the car floor and see the driver (male) AND passenger (female) are sucking on full beers.

MOD closes the window and yells for me to look out the back door window and get the license plate and make of the car so she call call the cops as these two "winners" were obviously very drunk. MOD did NOT want these 2 driving around smashed and then smashing into someone

While I get the plate number, the passanger askes the MOD if she can climb through the drive up window to use the rest room. MOD says NO but they can go across the street to the gas station and use theirs. Passanger yells " I REALLY GOTTA GO". MOD sorry but our inside is CLOSED" and closes the window after handing them their food. MOD then gets on the phone and calls the cops.

Gross part

now the passenger could have just waited a minute more so they could go accross the street

BUT (I would not be posting this part otherwise)

The passanger (a female) gets out of the car and runs behind MY CAR, drops pants and proceeds to piss all over the place. She pulls everything up and gets back into the car, the driver then drops a beer can in drive up lane and they take off.

Darn the MOD would not let me see if the survalliance camera picked it all up so I could post it on YouTube.

I go outside to see if the bitch did indeed piss on my car specifically the tire. Nope but the chick did have to PISS (as in left a lake in the driver lot).

I don't drink alcohol but was at a pub with friends who do and I have been amazed at how long they take when visiting the restroom after some drinking. What is beer, a diuretic? I think one guy was pissing for 5 straight minutes. Half of his internal organs were "bladder."

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