The Closing Manager's Safety is More Important then Yours.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:31 am
Yep, that's right. That's according to the franchise I work for. Check this..

My General Manager told me today that on Monday, 1/14/2013, a new policy will be put in to place. This policy requires that past a certain time (wasn't able to get that information out of him yet, but let's say 9pm) there will always be at least 2 employees in the restaurant. This is because, get this, to provide added security and safety for the closing shift lead (we only have shift leads that close in my store). This new policy will provide a deterrent for robbery because there will always be two people in the restaurant.

Now, you may ask "Who is this second employee that will provide the added safety and ssecurity for the closing management?"

Well, I'm glad you asked, that person is the Late driver. In my store, for more than 5 years, that's the driver that is responsible for doing the dishes and is usually scheduled to be logged out 1-2 hours before we close. So the way it should work out is like this (I'm going to assume a Friday night and I'm the closing driver)

It's 9:05pm, the last in-store has been sent home. The third to last driver has taken out the trash and it's time to get that driver logged out. The second driver (Late driver) has just returned from a delivery and is about to check out a delivery but the shift lead says he can't. Because the shift lead needs to get the third driver out to save Labor. That means that the Late driver has to stay in the restaurant and do dishes. Remember, there has to always be 2 employees in the restaurant after 9pm. So third driver is sent home.

10 minutes later I arrive back from my delivery and grab what's up and head out the door thinking to myself "HA HA poor fucking Late driver, they can't take any more deliveries.. HA HA they're ALL mine now!!" So Late driver is stuck doing dishes and at 10pm finally finishes them, and wants to go home. "Oh no Late driver, you can't go home, you have to stay and be a deterrent for robbers." Late driver now gets to start cleaning the store, sweeping would be a good thing to get done. side note... sweeping and mopping has been the closing drivers responsibility for the last 5+ years, but guess what I HATE doing it. So go ahead Late driver wipe everything down, and get started sweeping while I just take deliveries.

Wow... it's not 11:30pm, I've been taking deliveries non stop for the past 2 hours while Late driver is doing all my closing chores.. can this get any better?

For me... Not really.
For the closing manager? Not really, they can have the Late driver do all the cleaning that has customarily been the closing manager's responsibility for the past 5+ years (at least at my store)
For the Late driver... Hell yes.

The Late driver is NOT allowed to take deliveries if it would cause less than 2 employees in the store. The Late driver is "Off the Road", only the closing driver gets to take deliveries now.

Two of the current late drivers have already told the General Manager that because of this new policy they no longer will be willing to be the Late driver.

I think this is FRACKING GREAT... for me.

I think this is FRACKING GREAT... for the closing manager (shift lead)

I think this is FRACKING HORRIBLE... for the Late driver.

I think this is a FRACKING HORRIBLE for the General Manager that can barely make Labor within acceptable standards.

I think this is a FRACKING ASININE Policy

BTW.. did I mention that this policy is supposed to provide safety and security for the closing manager... yes, I think I did. Because being inside a WELL LIT store is so much more dangerous then walking the streets late at night delivery to strangers front doors. Right? Where the Frack is my safety and security? Where's my deterrent from being robbed?

ANOTHER BTW... The front door at my store has been broke for at least a year now. You can lock the door, but you need a key to unlock it, so that's a non-starter until we're actually closed. The locking mechanism that allows the door to be opened from the inside or by pressing a button under the GSR counter is what's broken. So we can't actually lock the front door, because that would a deterrent against robbers, right? Mind you, it's actually a safety policy that the front door be locked at 10pm each night, the safe is not allowed to be open unless the front door is locked. OMFG... the stupidity.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:46 am
Like all stupid policies (even those that increase safety), and especially those that cost the company money in the form of labor, this too shall pass in a few weeks if not a month at most.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:49 am
They don't care about us, they only care about what we can do for them.

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